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Moby Wrap

General theory- Carriers are super useful in the first year of life, especially if you live in an urban area and like to go places not in a car.

In the first 2 months of life I really recommend an unstructured carrier (doubly for Mom). The benefits of an unstructured carrier in the beginning is that they tend to be easier to put on and adjust to the adult, especially when your'e still funny shaped from the pregnancy (though keep in mind, you won't be able to use the carrier for the first 2 weeks, but Grandparents and partners can). Also the structured carriers are all built to carry 3 year olds and so sometimes are hard to adjust to the little babies. 

With our first, we used a Moby Wrap. It's basically a very very long piece of fabric with instructions of how to wrap it around you and your baby. It was hard to learn how to put on (Lee never figured it out) but once I did figure it out, it was very comfortable, until she was about 3 months and then it suddenly got very uncomfortable (though I know people who use them with toddlers - god bless them).

The Moby comes in a ton of colors and fabric variants, plus many sports teams are available too, if that's your thing.

Photo Credit: Moby Dick under a Creative Commons license. 
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