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This site has fallen into more-or-less abandoned status but we leave it up since the underlying basic info (we hope) is still useful and interesting. The links to specific products are beginning to die out but you should be aware that they are generally affiliate links. We've always had a disclaimer on the side of the page, but this is a bit more prominent. Enjoy your slightly-out-of-date content.

What brings you around these parts?

We're just about 3 months into this whole blogging thing and we're having a great time!

In all honesty, we're amazed that about 900 (!!) of you have found the site and that lots of you stuck around (and come back again!).

Google Analytics can tell us a few things (about those of you who haven't blocked their cookies) like what time of day is popular (afternoon), more of you come from Facebook than Twitter, and we know you come from cities all over the world (lots of metro Boston, largely other Anglophone places, but we've had hits from every non-Antarctica continent).

But beyond these highly aggregated variables, we don't know much about you and we'd love to learn more about our new little community.

So given that this is the slow time of year at work and if you're reading this at home, you're quite possibly avoiding family, why not kill a couple more minutes with a fun activity.  In other words, we're inviting you to introduce yourself.

If you haven't noticed before, scroll down on every post and you'll see a place to add your comments. If you have a Disqus account, great. If not, you can comment as a guest, also great!

We both have a long history of lurking on blogs and forums, but now that we're on the other side of the website (that's how the tubes work, right?), we ask you to be bold and say hello.

We'd love to hear thoughts on any of all (or even just one) of these:

About you-
How many kids/fetuses do you have? (or as One Bad Mother would say in their charmingly all inclusive way: Who lives in your house?)
Where do you live?
What's your parenting superpower?

About us-
How'd you find out about us?
Anything you'd like to see us cover more? Less?

About unleashing your inner nerd-
Kirk or Picard?
Buffy or Willow?
Will you show the prequels to your children?
Harry Potter books or movies first?

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